Thursday, April 9

Cook Islands Games volleyball and triathlon

Here are another couple of sports videos – and there are plenty more to come.
Of the seventeen sports in action here I’ve got shots of thirteen.
I missed out on tennis and oe vaka (outrigger canoeing) which clashed with the first day of athletics. Anyway, since I’m shooting from the shore it’s a matter of filming the canoes leaving Avarua harbour or coming back in with not much going on for spectators in the meantime. Been there, done that (see Vaka Eiva videos). Aquatics (swimming to you and me) takes place in the lagoon and it’s another code that’s hard to film from the shore. Boxing is the final missing ‘sport’. Grown men (and women!) doing their best to injure each other isn’t my idea of fun although I’m sure it will be popular. It takes place at the Banana Court tonight (Thursday) and that’s another reason for not filming – it will be crowded and dark so I’m wimping out. My apologies to fans of pugilism.