Friday, April 3

Avatiu Eels entertain

Fundraising is a constant problem for sports teams in the Cook Islands. It’s hard enough for those on Rarotonga but pity the poor outer islanders where the populations are dwindling and the amount of disposable cash much less.
Rugby league now has a team from Aitutaki playing in the premier grade. The Sharks used to be easy beats but they are now pretty competitive. Fundraising must be a nightmare for them though. They have to fly over to Raro for all their away games, five of them, and even with concession rates, getting an entire team over here doesn’t come cheap.
The Raro teams have it easy in comparison as they only have to fly to Aitutaki once each per season.
Anyway, a couple of weeks ago the Avatiu Eels held a fundraising night at their clubhouse and put on a really good affair. The ticket price included a plate of food (all Cookies know what that involves) and happy hour drink prices and the show. As well as the Tumeke dance group (see previous video) and three individual performances, the league teams had to put on an item. This one is by the under 18 side and although they said it was a last minute effort they had a lot of fun and so did the audience. They really rocked the upstairs veranda where it was all happening!