Thursday, April 16

Cook Islands Games athletics competition

I think athletics is the most interesting code in any sports gathering like the Cook Islands Games (and the forthcoming Pacific Mini Games in September).
Lots of different activities make for some good picture opportunities!
The CI Games athletics took place over two evenings and was held at Titikaveka college field. This was obviously not ideal practice since athletics at the PMG will be at the national stadium at Tereora. That field is being tweaked and upgraded so it wasn’t available although it doesn’t look as though much has been happening apart from re-roofing the grandstand.
However, the officials seemed to have everything under control so they should cope well in September. The only people who didn’t have a lot to do were marshals. As with many of the codes, the numbers taking part weren’t all that large.
Well, the weather was hot and sunny and the young athletes seemed to be having a good time. Let’s hope that remains true for the mini games.