Friday, April 10

Cook Islands Games sailing competition

The sailing competition was supposed to take place in Aitutaki. That’s where the Pacific Mini Games regatta will be held in September. But there was no money to get people, and possibly boats, to the island so it was relocated to Muri lagoon.
Fortunately the sailing fraternity have been very active in holding regattas in outer islands. In fact they’ve trained a lot of youngsters particularly in Aitutaki and Manihiki who are now out-sailing the old hands. When it comes to the mini games the sailing event will no doubt be efficiently run even though this practice event hasn’t been ideal.
The weather’s been great though.
The race shown in the video is the radial rig Laser class. It had only three competitors although the previous two races had twelve and five respectively.
The winner was Teau McKenzie for Te Au O Tonga, followed by Helema William for Purapura zone and Anne Tierney for Takitumu.