Sunday, September 23

Te Maeva Nui 2012 – Puaikura Pe’e

Puaikura is the district on Rarotonga of which Arorangi is the main village.
Their first event in this year’s Te Maeva Nui cultural competition was the pe’e.

The Scribd website has this to say about the pe'e:
"Pe'e are ancient historical chants which commemorate particular events, including brave deeds of ancestors or legendary warriors. Pe'e were formulaic in structure and ritualised in presentation. Their very nature is the reason few traditional pe'e survive. Because they were ritualised and could only be chanted by certain people at certain times - at rites which were considered heathen by the missionaries - many ancient pe'e fell into disuse and were consequently lost. Pe'e has also come to mean any chant - old or new." 

Most of the inhabitants of Puaikura must have been in the audience at the national auditorium judging by the cheers and applause. It was well-deserved though, the team received one of the two A grades awarded in this category (the other went to Tongareva).

Thursday, September 13

Parliamentary rugby win to the Cook Islands

Parliamentarians and others from both the Cook Islands and New Zealand took to the paddock at the BCI stadium last week for a bruising rugby encounter.
The kiwis were toting the parliamentary world cup – they’ve won it four of the five times it’s been contested – but it wasn’t up for grabs this time.
Just as well since the Cook Islands won the game 17-10.
For a full description see the Cook Islands News websitehere.

Wednesday, September 5

Te Maeva Nui 2012 – Tongareva Ura Pau

More from this year’s dance competition at Te Maeva Nui.
This video is of the Tongareva team with their ura pau (drum dance) – probably the most exciting of the competition items with a fast beat and emphasis on hip and leg movement.It usually features boys to a greater extent than girls.
Tongareva, also known as Penrhyn, received a B grade for their performance.
Don’t forget, if you’re a fan of Cook Islands culture, the ministry of culture’s DVD of the entire Te Maeva Nui celebration should be out soon. It will include the full length performances for each night as well as the float parade and tangi kaara (drumming competition).