Thursday, July 12

Around Rarotonga in 8 minutes (again)

I’ve got a couple of videos on the go but haven’t had a lot of time to finish them off because I’ve been doing some gardening. Well, it’s more of a slash, burn and demolish than anything else. Mind you the garden is fighting back – I’ve got blisters and bruises and sore muscles to show for it.
In the meantime here is a new version of a previous video.
Last year I got a new computer and new software so I’ve now re-rendered the Round-Raro-by-motorbike one I made in January last year (2011).
The resolution is much better.
There are some changes on Rarotonga, the main one being in the Avatiu harbour area. The old Marine Resources building is gone and the foreshore there is being remodelled. The harbour is has been lengthened and deepened with the fill being used to extend Punanga Nui market although you can’t see that from the road. The other changes around the island involve ‘beautification’ which unfortunately in far too many places has meant hacking down trees.
Strange idea of beauty!
NB: The trees and other vegetation that I’ve been slashing and burning are all invasives or weeds in the process of taking over the world and I shall be planting plenty of new trees to take their places.