Wednesday, August 1

Lady Naomi sails in with outer islanders

Te Maeva Nui 2012 is well under way with a total of ten teams taking part in the cultural dance competition.
Puaikura is the only team representing Rarotonga; the others are from the northern group islands of Penrhyn, Pukapuka, Rakahanga and Mitiaro; and the southern group’s Aitutaki, Mauke, Mangaia, Atiu and Mitiaro.
Once again this year the northern group competitors were carried to Rarotonga by the Samoan ferry Lady Naomi. The boat arrived on 19 July to a warm welcome from officials and families before the travellers were whisked off to hostels and other accommodation.
This left plenty of time for teams to meet with their Rarotonga-based members to practice items and organise craftwork for sale at the now-annual Trade Days.
The southern group islanders flew in from their islands to Rarotonga.
The Lady Naomi will be returning to Rarotonga at the end of the celebrations to transport the northerners back home.