Tuesday, June 26

Tereora College food festival

Food markets are always popular on Rarotonga and Tereora College’s recent fundraiser was a big success. The weather was warm and sunny, good for bringing the crowds out to browse, and there was plenty for them to see, smell and taste. Each of the form classes had a separate stall with offerings such as barbeque chops, sausages and steak; ‘plates of food’ – that Cook Islands favourite; cakes, sweets, desserts and drinks. Clearly parents and family had helped with preparation and cooking and local businesses were generous with sponsorship of ingredients. Each class had a target of $2000, with the school as a whole hoping to raise $30,000 to go towards new high tech equipment, a facelift for Princess Anne Hall and beautification projects around the school. You can see from the video how hard everyone had worked and how much fun they seemed to be having. It was noticeable that the BBQs were mostly being operated by boys. Barbies are a great way of getting guys to cook. I wonder who did the washing up!