Sunday, September 5

More Maeva Nui – the Pukapuka pe’e

The Ministry of Cultural Development has just issued the 2010 Te Maeva Nui DVDs – a box set of four.
The DVDs cover all the events of this year’s celebrations – the pe’e, ute, kapa rima and ura pau from each of the five teams (Atiu, Arorangi, Mangaia, Nikao and Pukapuka) plus international night, some really great guest artists and the drumming competition – all for just NZ$50.
Any overseas Cook Islands dance teams and culture groups should buy a set to see how culture is surviving and progressing here at home.
Check the MOCD website here.
In the meantime here’s a short sample from the Pukapuka pe’e.
The Pukapukans are always popular performers; they put so much energy into everything and they always look and sound as though they’re really having fun.
This pe’e (legend or chant) is about a boastful wrestler who annoys the rest of the tribe and is killed by the other warriors.
Come to think of it, many pe’e are a bit on the violent side. I guess it’s the stories with larger than life winners and losers that survive (even if the combatants don’t).