Tuesday, September 14

Buff body bonanza

Rarotonga has just played host to another international sporting competition. This one was the 2010 Asia Pacific Bodybuilding Championships, organised here by the people at Top Shape gym.
It was originally supposed to be held in the Philippines - the venue was only changed in June I think, so everyone did a good job at short notice. In the end over fifty athletes took part including one local, Aaron Enoka – son of Cook Islands bodybuilding icon the late Felix Enoka.
Top Shape’s round up in Cook Islands News said:
“It’s time to re-label modern day bodybuilding.
The word bodybuilding easily conjures images of guys spending endless hours grunting it out in the gym and developing freakishly huge muscles…”
Well, the evening show turned out to be a real eye opener.
It had fantastic bronzed bodies, shapes to die (or possibly diet) for, great muscle tone, cool music and entertaining routines. Competitors’ ages ranged from seventeen to seventy! Seventy-year-old Colleen Sloane from Palmerston North was awe inspiring and there were several 60+ men strutting their stuff.
And everyone seemed to be having so much fun! We even had an on-stage marriage proposal (it was accepted).
It was a competition so you have to have champions but really I think everyone was a winner and I hope all the athletes had a great time here and come back to visit us again.
2010 Asia Pacific Ms Shape -Teresa Edwards
2010 Asia Pacific Ms Physical -Helen Aloiai
2010 Asia Pacific Ms Figure -Karen Kelly
2010 Asia Pacific Ms Fitness Model- Maeve Agnew
2010 Asia Pacific Mr Athletics- Jason Bartley
2010 Asia Pacific Mr Physique - Roshan Ferrao

Top Shape should soon have a half-hour DVD of show highlights available.