Sunday, January 30

Rarotonga's water - too much, too little, too late

It’s been longer than usual since I uploaded a new video but I’ve been busy working on an entry for an ADB (Asian Development Bank) Asia Pacific video competition with the help of a couple of friendsIt’s been an interesting experience – you learn a lot by talking things over with other people.
The competition is about water in the Asia-Pacific region.
Rarotonga’s really very lucky compared to many countries. We usually have enough water and the streams and springs are not polluted. Our main problems are wastage and lack of storage. Even in times of drought the rivers up in the mountains usually have water in them – it’s just harder to get it into the reticulation system. Climate change could make a difference however so it’s no good being complacent.
Many thanks go to Adrian Teotahi (Government Water Engineer) and Ulamila Wragg (Media, Gender and Climate Change). Ula basically organised everything with Adrian and all I had to do was tag along and video things.
And it was great getting off the beaten track when Adrian took us inland to the Takuvaine and Matavera intakes.
Most people, me included, just stick to the main road or back road in our daily travels but just a short way inland the hills, streams and forests are just so peaceful and beautiful. The roads are rugged though – 4 wheel drive a necessity although walking is a good option. Another necessity is insect repellent. Our Raro mountain mozzies are fearsome.
If you want to check out the ADB contest follow this link.