Sunday, March 14

Rarotonga primary schools fight it out

The weather on Rarotonga is usually pretty good.

I’m talking about local standards here; to those who’ve been suffering recent storms and snow in Europe or America it must seem close to perfect.
It’s certainly true that the fine weather encourages people to get out and take part in sports and our schools, both primary and secondary, are doing their bit by offering lots of sporting choices and organising tournaments in various codes.
Netball, rugby and athletics used to be the major inter-school tournaments but these days you can add soccer, cricket, basketball, touch rugby and volleyball (the subject of this video). And secondary school kids now get the chance to try their hands at lawn bowls and outrigger canoeing.
There used to be so-called experts around who said competition was a bad thing. Maybe there still are but they wouldn’t impress many people in the Cooks. Our kids love the added spice of whopping other schools!