Sunday, March 21

More mini games sports videos

I’m still working on videos from the mini games.
OK, I know the games were in September last year but I’ve had other things to do – like overseas holidays – and there were fifteen codes (although I didn’t get any sailing footage because it was in Aitutaki).
There have recently been critical comments in Cook Islands News about the sports arena, stadium and hosting the games. They’re actually political comments concerned with the costs, the financial situation in the country and party stalwarts trying to score brownie points by being ‘holier than thou’ when it comes to government spending.
Well, it’s a bit late now. The Demos were behind it at the time and the CIP was totally silent (on that and everything else).
Anyway, this video shows the women’s six-person va’a teams getting ready for the 20km marathon.
We call our outrigger canoes vaka but va’a is the accepted international name for them.
Tahiti have the top va’a teams in the Pacific. They won all ten gold medals at the games, men’s and women’s, singles and six-man, sprints and long distance.
The Cooks won bronze (M V6 1500m), silver (W V6 1500m and 500m), silver (M V1 15k), bronze (M V6 30k), silver (W V6 20k).
Interestingly enough, politicians all seemed to be pretty happy with games medal-winning performances, never mind the expense.