Sunday, August 23

Ninth to twentieth world netball placings

In the previous post I put a list of the final positions in the World Youth Netball Championships. This video is short clips of the ninth to twentieth teams.
The last day of the competition, Thursday 20 August, had four finals for the top eight places so I'm planning to do a separate video for that. It was quite a day of sport and entertainment. I think the highlight for me was the team from Malawi. They played the Cook Islands for 5th and 6th place and came away the winners in fine style. You might think that the spectators would have been disappointed but those girls were just so much fun to watch as they celebrated the win that everyone loved them. Even the Cooks team joined in the dancing. Wonderful stuff.
However, before then I've got the final march past and medal presentation to put online.
All good fun!