Friday, August 21

All good things come to an end

The world youth netball championships are over after ten days of top class netball by young athletes from twenty countries.
The final positions are:
1 Australia
2 New Zealand
3 Jamaica
4 England
5 Malawi
6 Cook Islands
7 South Africa
8 Northern Ireland
9 Fiji
10 Trinidad and Tobago
11 Samoa
12 Barbados
13 Wales
14 Singapore
15 Malaysia
16 PNG
17 Scotland
18 Botswana
19 USA
20 Vanuatu
I’ve got a heap of video and now I should have a bit of time to do some editing and get it online … before the pacific Mini Games begin on 21 September.Before then we’ve got the Maeva Nui cultural dance festival, although the culture department don’t allow people to video that. They keep talking about ‘intellectual property rights’ though it seems to me that they’re a bit lacking in the ‘intellectual’ stakes themselves. Most people would consider it to be free advertising!
Unfortunately the government is having a problem organising transport to Rarotonga from the northern group islands so it remains to be seen if they all get here in time. It would be a shame if some of the teams can’t make it because the outer islands dancers always add a new dimension to the competition.
This video is of the Cook Islanders’ first game, against Wales, which we won.