Monday, January 18

Kids enjoying Cyclone Victor's big waves

18 January 2016: Tropical cyclone Victor is currently passing to the west of the Cook Islands - very slowly.

It originated near Samoa and for a while looked as though it was going to head east towards the Cooks but, fortunately for us, it moved more or less south and is now projected to go west towards Tonga and then turn south again.

We've had several days of strong easterly winds and, for the last two days, rain as well. That's very welcome as Rarotonga has been suffering drought conditions and the grass is looking very brown.

The other effect of the weather is big waves on the north and west of the island.

The traditional way of checking out cyclones (and tsunami) is to ignore warnings and head for the water. And, for fearless or foolhardy youngsters, to jump in and have some fun.