Friday, August 7

Birthday greetings from

This year the Cook Islands celebrate 50 years of internal self governance in association with New Zealand.*
A long-time friend of the Cooks, John Roberts, has produced a video birthday card, Cook Islands 50 Beginnings, looking back on some of the events since 1965. John's website,, is a great place to find out all about the Cooks, its islands, people, traditions, tourism ... you name it and it will probably be there. Check it out.
Many thanks to John for this great reminder of the last 50 years.

*The prime minister has recently been making noises about having a seat in the UN but our association with NZ doesn't allow for this. Changing the terms of the association, if it's even possible, would mean giving up New Zealand citizenship and the majority of Kukis here are just not interested in this. In fact they are vehemently opposed. No doubt this is even more true for the 80,000 or so who live overseas.