Friday, November 7

Rarotonga Girl Guides celebrate 86 years

It's been over a month since I added a video to RaroLens.
Computer problems! Unfortunately it meant getting a new motherboard and chip from the US as the ones available locally couldn't handle video editing. Took ages.
Well, I'm up and running now and I really, really hope the machine can keep going as I've got a few videos to get on with.
First up is this one of our local Girl Guides celebrating 86 years of guiding here.
Guiding was introduced to the Cook Islands in 1928 by Mrs Tailby, the wife of a missionary at Takamoa Theological College. Then the daughter of resident commissioner judge Hugh Ayson got permission to start a company in Avarua. Ranger patrols were set up in 1935 and the first Brownie pack was registered in 1937.
The 86th birthday party was organised by the Arorangi company and they were delighted with the big turnout of guides and supporters.
The celebrations included a film about the history of guiding here, items by various companies and, of course, kaikai!
For more about the history of guiding in the Cook Islands check here:
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