Wednesday, August 13

Vietnam on the RV Angkor Pandaw

I'm back in Rarotonga after my holiday in Vietnam and Cambodia and it looks as though I picked a good time to be away. Apparently the weather's been horrible for the past month, cold, wet and windy and it's more or less the same now.
I love being on board the Pandaw boats; so relaxing cruising slowly along the Mekong watching the world drift by and there's no packing and unpacking when you get to new places.
Here's the first video; it's of the Vietnamese section of the trip.
This boat, the RV Angkor Pandaw, has a low profile and draft so it can travel on shallower rivers and canals. That meant we were able to start the cruise from Saigon (or Ho Chi Minh City to be more politically correct) on the Saigon River rather than taking a coach to the wider, deeper Mekong at My Tho.
Most of the time we anchored overnight and cruised during the day with morning and afternoon excursions to places of interest.
Here's video from the first three days, in Vietnam.