Saturday, August 31

Te Maeva Nui 2013 - Puaikura pe'e

Ten teams contested this year's cultural dance competition at Te Maeva Nui, but while the other nine sang a ute, Puaikura chose to perform a pe'e (chant or legend).
The pe'e is something of a specialty for Puaikura. The village turns out in full force and the choreography includes some fascinating and unusual moves. And everyone looks as though they are having a great time on stage. It's all a lot of fun.
This pe'e is about the coming of Christianity to the village.
It might be a while before the next video goes onto the blog as I'm about to go on holiday. Yay! Taking a train across America. I love trains but there aren't many on Rarotonga; just one in fact and unfortunately it's no longer working.