Monday, July 22

Te Maeva Nui 2012 - Tongareva Reo Metua

Here's another short video from last year's Te Maeva Nui.
This one is of the Tongareva team with their reo metua. This is, I think, the legend although in previous years it's gone by the name of pe'e or chant.
This was a very impressive performance and earned the team an A grade.
The Ministry of Cultural Development has a brief timetable for this year's Te Maeva Nui.
The float parade is on Monday 29 July, starting at 10am with the opening ceremony planned for 12 noon. These things usually run over-time but this year, with no outer islands groups, the float parade will probably be quite small so maybe it'll start at the designated hour. We'll see.
Trade days and the dance competition are scheduled for Wednesday 31 July to Friday 2 August.
There are no details on the MOCD website about the teams taking part.