Sunday, April 29

Cook Islands women cricketers zumba for funds

Here’s a video of another Zumba fundraiser, this one by the same group who washed my car a few weeks ago – the national women’s cricket team. Come to think of it, the car could do with another going over.
Back when Tattslotto first came to Rarotonga in the early 1990s its promoters claimed that because a portion of the Tatts profits went (via the government) to the Cook Islands Sports and National Olympic Committee (CISNOC)  it would make fundraising by sports teams a thing of the past. Yeah, right!
Well, CISNOC is now a shambles; it’s insolvent and the executives seem to spend most of their time and money organising overseas trips for themselves and very little on the grassroots sports people here.
Even in the early days fundraising never went away but at least now there’s more to it than raffles. And you get good value for your money; plates of food and movie premieres for example as well as clean cars and zumba sessions. And let’s not forget the people who generously give their support like the Empire Cinema and the zumba instructors as well as businesses that provide spot prizes.
This fundraiser was a very enjoyable occasion. Lots of people, lots of fun. So I hope the girls made lots of money.
The 19 squad members are – Maire Kamoe (Aitutaki), Maine Puarangi Daniel (Aitutaki), Marii Kaukura (Aitutaki), Shardae Neale (Aitutaki), Tekura Kaukura (Aitutaki), Teremoana Nooroia Aue (Aitutaki), Marion Heather (Rarotonga), Teinakore Diana Tamaiva (Rarotonga), June Ura Pori Makea George (Rarotonga), Punanga Kaveao (Rarotonga), Luciana Matenga (Rarotonga), Tina Turua (Mato) (Rarotonga), Lacynthia Rani (Rarotonga), Makiroa Maire Mato (Rarotonga), Raita Moetaua (Rarotonga), Amelia Moetau (Rarotonga), Marguerite Dean (Rarotonga), Grace Ngarua (Rarotonga), Maui Teroi Keri Daniel (Rarotonga).
 It will be cut to 14 before they leave for Vanuatu and an ICC tournament that includes the host island, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Samoa and Fiji.