Sunday, February 5

Avatiu – small harbour, big fish

Avatiu harbour, with its background of bush-clad volcanic hills, looks very peaceful and attractive on a sunny summer day. It will look better when the harbour works are finished – at the moment the eastern, main harbour is being re-developed; lengthened and straightened out I think.
There’s still a bit of a dog-leg at the seaward end and piles of large rocks on the foreshore (ammunition for the next cyclone?)
The western end is still in use though. That’s where game fishing boats, sailboats and other recreational craft hang out. The dive boats load and unload here as well.
The water’s pretty clean and deep enough to shelter some large fish.
The ones in the video are trevally. The game fishers catch these when they are out at sea but I hope they all leave these two alone as they’re much more interesting to look at swimming around than they would be served up on a plate.