Monday, May 16

Rarotonga triathlon week

There’s more to tri week in Rarotonga than the Olympic distance triathlon, held on a Saturday in early May. The week begins on Thursday with the Trader Jack’s round the boiler swim.
This year the weather was rough and high winds kicked up a big swell but around fifty brave souls took to the water. They had a hard slog with some being pushed towards the reef on the homeward leg but everybody made it - apparently the waves had been even higher earlier in the day. Winner was Jon Robinson of New Zealand. An invigorating start to the week!
The weather remained blustery and rainy for the Air New Zealand international triathlon (check the previous video for more of this).
On Monday it was still raining but Hash House runners put on a traditional umu after the regular run.
Tuesday remained wet and windy for the Turtle’s tour de Raro bike ride around the island – no climb up Hospital Hill for this race but the 51 cyclists had to battle the elements. Local rider Geoff Stoddart came home first.
On Wednesday the weather brightened up for a new event – the Matutu mile. This was sponsored by local brewery Matutu and was a fundraiser for charity Te Vaerua community rehabilitation service. About fifty athletes including runners, walkers, children and pram-pushers joined in the fun, many wearing fancy dress, and made their way to the brewery for a half-way beer or water stop then back to the Tikioki tri site for more of the sponsor’s product and a sausage sizzle.
It may not have been a race but it looks as though this event is a winner and will be a permanent fixture on the tri week calendar.