Thursday, April 28

Rarotonga papa’a dancer of the year

Every year the Cook Islands Ministry of Cultural Development holds a Dancer of the Year competition. One of the sections is for expats and visitors (papa'a) as shown in this video.
The competition for papa’a and golden oldies usually takes place in a local watering hole – this year it was Hidie’s Bar in Cook’s Corner. That’s no doubt because expats, tourists and golden oldies are a sociable bunch and like to indulge in a glass or two of jungle juice as they cheer those talented enough to enter the contest. The more serious, less social events (Junior, Intermediate and Senior DOTYs) take place at the national auditorium which is dry.
Hidie’s was packed and the audience was happy and good natured – it was a fun occasion.
Only three people entered the papa’a section (two female, one male) but they were awesome! They had all obviously put in a huge amount of practice and it showed.
As Cook Islands News said, “Greg Young from the Esther Honey Foundation animal clinic … blew the socks off the the ecstatic audience to win the male papa'a dancer of the year title.
Tracey O’Brien and local based Japanese national Nana Hirata were equally stunning on stage.”
Greg is now the papa’a dancer of the year. Tracey won the female DOTY title.
(Next video will show the golden oldies – watch this spot for a whole lot of fun!)