Thursday, March 10

Zumba at the Rarotonga auditorium

The two gyms on Rarotonga are now under the same management with the brand name ‘Fitness Revolution’. Fitness Cook Islands, near Rarotonga airport, is concentrating on various machines, Top Shape in Avarua township specialises in weights while fitness classes have increased in number, type and venues.
Some classes are still held in the Top Shape studio but you can find others in spots as widely different as the national auditorium, Trader Jack’s, Tupapa social centre, Turangi and Avatea school hall.
The aim is to get as many people as possible taking fitness seriously. Cook Islanders (and other Pacific islanders) are amongst the most obese in the world and this is not a record to be proud of.
Fitness classes include yoga, stretch, Zumba (based on Latin American dance), Hupa (local CI dance based), FightDo (martial arts themed) and Power (combo cardio and toning).
The Fitness Revolution instructors are also keen to help our local sports teams when they need to fundraise.
A recent session at the national auditorium featured Zumba, FightDo and Hupa to raise money to send our local rugby players to the Adelaide Sevens tournament.
Holding it at the national auditorium meant that more people could fit in and still have plenty of room to move.
This video shows some of the Zumba and, as you can see, it was all a lot of fun.