Monday, February 28

Rarotonga workshop looks at climate change

Workshops are a frequent occurrence on Rarotonga. At the moment the National Adaptation Planning Week is taking place.
Among others it involves the Environment Service and Emergency Management.
It’s looking at how climate change will affect this country and how we can plan to cope with it.
According to Cook Islands News, from this week’s workshop, an adaptation plan for the Cook Islands will start to be formed, which will in turn enable the country to apply for some of a $5 million fund that was established under the Kyoto Protocol.
One of those attending is Ulamila Kurai Wragg, a veteran journalist and climate activist. She’s also concerned about gender awareness and wants to make sure that people at the workshop realise that men and women will react differently to the effects of climate change.
Ula’s going to be speaking at the workshop and we put together this short video to act as an introduction.