Monday, November 15

Women's rugby at Rarotonga sevens

Women’s rugby sevens has improved a huge amount over the past few years and it was obvious watching the games at the Rarotonga international sevens tournament.
Eight teams took part, four local and four from New Zealand although the local teams also had overseas players.
T&M Crushers, Avatiu Motor Centre Eels, Club Raro Stormers and Titikaveka Rehab Ravens were the local sides; College Rifles, Waitakere Nesians, Hastings Rugby & Sports and Napier Tech Rugby came from overseas.
Final results: College Rifles won the cup after defeating local favourites Rehab Ravens; Hastings Rugby & Sport beat T&M Crushers for the plate and Waitakere Nesians (who reckon they trained on McDonalds) won the bowl over Napier Tech Rugby girls.
We had a great three-day rugby fiesta with fast-moving good quality and entertaining women’s rugby.
Look forward to more of the same next year.