Thursday, October 21

50 things to do on Rarotonga

I’ve been a bit slow to get the next video completed and online but I’ve got a good excuse. I think it’s good, anyway.
I’ve been finishing off a free e-book called ‘50 Things to Do on Rarotonga’. Click on the picture on the right to get a copy of the pdf. It's about 870kB.
If you're planning to visit Rarotonga sometime soon you need this e-book to get you up to speed so you don't waste a minute of your precious holiday time.
It’s actually a 20-page booklet but e-booklet or even e-brochure just doesn’t have the same ring to it so I’m sticking to e-book. Sounds classier.
It’s based on a publication in Hawaii called ‘101 Things To Do in Oahu’. Well, Oahu’s much more than twice as big as Raro so fifty things isn’t too bad to be going on with. The ‘things’ range from relaxing to rousing and where appropriate there are web addresses so you can get more info about the activities that interest you.
There’s already quite a lot of printed material for tourists to the Cook Islands although none are organised like this one. When you get here make sure you pick up the Cook Islands Sun and the Jason’s travel guide and also one of the free maps that both companies put out.
Since this is an e-book there aren’t any printing costs hence no need to chase around for advertising. It also means that updates and additions will be relatively easy to do so if anyone spots any errors, or knows of something that ought to be added to the fifty things just send an email (
And now it’s back to the video editing. Should have a new one up in a few days.