Friday, June 18

Queen’s Baton at Takamoa, Rarotonga

Rarotonga, as everyone knows who has lived or visited here, has a single main road that circles the island – all 31 kilometres of it. It was along this road that the Queen’s Baton Relay (for the Commonwealth Games in Delhi later this year) took place.
However, one of the highlights was a side trip to the Takamoa Theological College.
The college buildings have recently been renovated and the administration building and grounds now look magnificent against the backdrop of lush, green mountains.
The building is the best example of colonial-era architecture still standing and was founded by Aaron Buzacott, one of the early London Missionary Society (LMS) missionaries.
The LMS is now the Cook Islands Christian Church (CICC) and Takamoa is where the pastors are trained. They live there with wives and families and the choir, a family affair, is noted for its imene tuki renditions.
During the QBR the trainee-pastors greeted and challenged each baton-bearer, then the choir sang while the baton was carried around the college building.
It was a beautiful day and the men in white suits and women in white muumuu and rito hats were quite spectacular as you can see from the video.