Friday, April 9

Zumba party at Topshape Rarotonga

Topshape gym recently celebrated its 21st birthday at the same time as a change in management.
Mann and Sisi Short started the gym and aerobics centre with business partner the late Felix Enoka.
Felix was a much loved trainer, bodybuilder and environmentalist and his two sons, Aaron and Oki, have now returned home to take over running the gym with Puai and Tai Wichman. Meanwhile Mann and Sisi will be concentrating on other ventures including the popular Staircase restaurant, situated above the gym.
Topshape is my gym and it’s always had great aerobics classes although the names have changed over the years. Aerobics made way for group fitness and Les Mills ‘body’ classes – body attack; body pump; body jam and body combat. Then came Radical Fitness with powerfit and fight-do. That’s my favourite at the moment. Punch, jab, elbow, kick, jump and all to funky music. You can sweat out a lot of aggression at a fight-do session!
Zumba’s a more recent addition to the Rarotonga fitness scene. It’s like a cross between exercise and dancing, got some great moves and all to Latin music.
There have been Zumba classes at Topshape for a while but the video is from the first of the new evening sessions with four of our trainers (including new managers Tai and Puai) showing the way.
Good moves, good music and I hope you can see how much fun everyone was having.
Too good to miss! After filming for a while I put the camera away, kicked of my jandals and joined in.
Way to go!