Sunday, February 21

Aitutaki cyclone Pat appeal

Cyclone Pat caused massive damage to houses, crops and infrastructure on Aitutaki but the relief effort is well underway. International aid is flowing in from various countries and organisations such as the Red Cross. The New Zealand defence force flew in supplies and personnel on an air force Hercules. The Herc ferried several loads of equipment to Aitutaki and left a team of army engineers there before heading off to help Tonga with the aftermath of cyclone Rene.
Meanwhile local fundraising has started on several outer islands as well as Rarotonga.
On Friday a food day at Te Atukura drew large crowds.
Several villages combined to provide the food and while chicken curry, chop suey and other local favourites were being set up drummers and singers entertained the hungry throng and t-shirts sales, drinks and spin-the-wheel raffles kept everyone entertained.
The fundraiser was a huge success as was the radiothon also held on Friday which will have brought in over $70,000 when all pledges are redeemed.
This video is from the food day.
Meanwhile the fundraising continued on Saturday with entertainment at Punanga Nui market organised by the Aitutaki community.
The next video will show some of that.
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