Sunday, January 3

Looking back - lawn bowls at the mini games

A Happy New Year to everyone.
I’ve been looking over some of the video footage I didn’t have time to process towards the end of 2009. It’s time to do something about it before it disappears totally from my short term memory.
One of the things I want to do this year is tidy up the Pacific Mini Games website so that it gives a more organised record of the event. At the time it was just a mad rush trying to get information and pictures online. I must confess I haven’t even looked at it since the fat lady sang and I took off on holiday. The medal table was up to date but I don’t think all the results were there and certainly the stories and photos need to be put in better order. I want to put short videos of most of the sports on the website for future reference, but first I’ve got to edit the stuff!
Here’s the first – lawn bowls.
Those bowlers really know how to organise a competition and have a good time. They turned the medal presentation ceremony into something of a party, starting with a march through town of all the competitors.
Some other sporting codes could learn a thing or two from their attitude.