Sunday, September 27

Half way at the Pacific Mini Games

The first week of the Pacific Mini Games is over and I've not had time to put up any video of it!
There's plenty of action on the various fields of play and it's been hectic trying to get information onto the website. Thank goodness for Cook Islands News who have allowed us to use many of their stories and stunnign photographs.
Actually the web side of things was supposed to be organised months ago, especially getting results online quickly, but it hasn't always happened the way it was supposed to! Fortunately we've had an expert here retraining people on the fly - the main problem seems to be finding people to retrain!
I got involved so I'd be able to get videos of some of the action but getting out into the field hasn't been easy. And editing and putting it online is even harder.
Never mind. I'm not really complaining. It's great being able to get close to the action so here is a video of the opening ceremony (it's been on the website since Tuesdsay!)
I'll follow it immediately with a video of some of the athletics so keep watching.