Monday, July 27

Te Hiva Nui Action Song at Punanga Nui Market

Well, Te Hiva Nui have now flown off to Europe for their performances at various folk dance festivals over the next month or so.
They put on a really spectacular last fundraising performance at their home base - Staircase Restaurant in Rarotonga. The place was packed and included a couple of government ministers and their wives as well as other locals and tourists. I’ll get some video of that online later but in the meantime here’s another item from their recent show at Punanga Nui Market.
This one is an action son – kapa rima.
‘Cook Islands Culture’ has this to say.
Kapa rima (action song)
A story-telling dance, it emphasises the movements of arms and hands rather than those of the lower body. Dancers sing songs accompanied by a band of musicians, usually with ukuleles, guitars and light drumming. This type of dancing, which may be performed by a solo dancer or a troupe, is primarily for an audience. Dance actions in a troupe are usually uniform.