Sunday, March 22

Tereora Touch Tournament

There are several secondary schools on Rarotonga but Tereora College is sometimes called the ‘national college’ and is the largest with the most senior classes.
The students follow New Zealand’s curricula and take NZ exams but life’s not all about work. Last week one of the inter-house sports competitions was held – the touch tournament.
Tereora has four houses. They used to be called after mountains – Ikurangi was one – but nowadays the kids seem to refer to them, somewhat uninspiringly, as House 1, House 2, House 3 and House 4 with colours red, blue, green and yellow, not necessarily in that order.
We’ve had some wet weather recently but it was sunny for the tournament which was held on the Nikao sports field, probably because the stadium is being tarted up ready for the Pacific Mini Games in September.
I’m not sure who won the tournament but the guys in yellow were most visible and everyone seemed to be having a good time.
Back to the books this week.