Tuesday, January 13

Mini games mayhem

Interesting times in Rarotonga.
Never mind that the hospital has advised people to drive carefully and not have accidents because the island’s sole anaesthetist is sick - the mini games is where it’s all happening. Or not as the case may be.
David Lobb is a well-respected sportsman and organiser who has been involved participating in and running some of the major events that have been hosted in the Cook Islands over the years. As CEO of the games organising committee he gave a statement to the media concerning lack of communication with and lack of action by the games board. He was promptly dumped.
The games board is made up of four politicians and two department heads who are considered to be arrogant and incompetent by many people. There are a few other hangers on but generally speaking you wouldn’t expect the board to organise its way out of a paper bag let alone run a major sporting event.
Three codes threatened to pull out of the games. One of them, tennis, has now done so but it’s no great loss. Athletics and weightlifting are the other two and that is far more serious; our best young athlete is Sam Pera junior and it would be a real shame if we couldn’t get to see the lad in action; and without athletics there would really be no point in holding a mini games, even though we haven’t got any world beating athletes.
Any way, you can read all about it on the Cook Islands News website.
In the end everything will get sorted out, the games will go ahead and be a great event but honestly it would have been better to keep David Lobb and dump the games board.
The video shows how the indoor stadium is coming along. There was a long delay waiting for equipment to arrive on the boat and we’ve just had some rough weather which will hold things up again, but I’m sure it will be finished in time for everything.